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SIA-Registered Security Staffing for Events & Businesses

Be confident in leaving us to do what we do best so that you can get on with what you do best.

Whether you need door security, event security business security or static security protection for just about any situation, our trained operatives have a wealth of hard-earned experience in dealing with any situations that might arise on the job and are devoted to keeping your workplace and customers safe.

Why we are different

We are a security company founded by experienced SIA-registered security officers. We put our wealth of experience from working in the field into action whilst managing an expanding workforce of professionally-trained security staff.

We understand that all our clients have unique needs. That is why all of our staff are trained and ready to meet them. We are serious about ensuring that all staff receive the right training in handling complex situations, giving you comfort in knowing you can get on with doing the work that matters to you.

Security Guard Business

Diverse Range of Services

Whatever your security needs, we always do our very best to cater to our clients and create a package that works for you.

Quality Guaranteed

The company is ISO 9001:2015 accredited for provision of door supervision, static guarding and screening and vetting of our staff in accordance with BS 7858 2019.

Qualified Expert Team

All of our security personnel are highly trained, licensed professionals. You can count on us to deliver our expert standard of security every time.

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